$6,000, $5000, $3000



$9000, $11,000, $15,000, $20,000, $25,000, $30,000.




BITCOIN MODEST SELL-SIDE HSR:  $6800, $7800, $8200




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August 24, 2018


  1. Please click here now: Need I say more?
  2. I didn’t think so.
  3. There is no price too high to pay for any asset. There is only either sync with buy size and intestinal fortitude that defines the buyer as a professional or happy amateur investor…
  4. There is no sync and the buyer is an imbecilic gambler.
  5. $20 was “too high” to buy for mighty Block Stocks Rock portfolio component AMD, right?
  6. One share is $23. Do YOU have twenty-three dollars?  Well, if you do, you know what to do with it.  Just make sure you can also buy 1 share at $1, if it all melts away.
  7. Please click here now: On cue, the bank scum stomped the breakout, promising that a SEC rejection of an “ETF based on bitcoin futures” would be negative for price.
  8. Heads up: Have you noticed how all gold stocks have soared to all-time highs above $1000 a share recently?  The awesome spike is due to the launch of the GDX, GDXJ, and SIL ETFs.
  9. Don’t worry about minor details like naked shorting and front running, just know that if a bitcoin futures ETF is launched, it blasts price to infinity in the sky, because the banksters say so!
  10. Back in the real world, at $6500usd a coin, the profit or loss for bitcoin mining depends mainly on the cost of electricity.
  11. I pay about 6 cents USD/kilowatt hour. Hydro power is generally the cheapest, but geothermal set up properly can blow everyone away, as can some newer natgas set-ups.
  12. If you pay more than about 10cents/kwh, you can sing, “Oh, I wish I was a bitcoin miner, but instead I am an Oscar Mayer wiener!” It’s a great song, but it may be one you don’t want to sing….
  13. Of course, if the price rises out of the base pattern, as the chart at least suggests it will, the mining profit threshold allows for a higher electricity cost.
  14. There are a lot of mining rigs in Russia where electricity can be a bit high. I’m guessing that some get power legitimately and are not so happy right now, and others, perhaps mob-linked, get it for free, and their party, like mafia-owned gold importers in India, continues full force.
  15. Venezuela is the cheapest country in the world to mine bitcoin, adding to the fun as Prince Bit’s purchasing power has skyrocketed against the Gman’s fiat there.
  16. Venezuela is unstable, but its neighbour Trinidad also has cheap electricity and is, relatively, a lot more stable. Bitcoin mining profitability gurus like to tell you how cheap it is to mine bitcoin in Trinidad but…
  17. What they forgot to understand is that the cost is only to run some basic household appliances. Once you start powering up bitcoin miners, the price per kwh rises, and commercial premises pay a mindboggling 40 cents per kwh.
  18. Gridtime! The most stable bitcoin power is still hydro, and mining and the elusive retail product pricing in bitcoin are the two biggest drivers of price appreciation in the face of the bankster bit bashing scum who have moved into the price discovery arenas (the exchanges) with their regulator scumbag pals to “save all the bitcoin investors”. I’m working on a “Alts To Watch” update that I’ll be sending out tomorrow morning.  Stay pgen focused, buy size with intestinal fortitude synced, and remember there is no price too high to pay for anything.  There is only buy size that is synced with your emotional psyche, or not synced with it.  Let’s hit the world’s most exciting gridlines now, and I’ll see you there!




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