BITCOIN MAJOR BUY-SIDE HSR: $12,000, $8000, $5000.

BITCOIN MAJOR SELL-SIDE HSR:  $20,000, $25,000, $28,000,  $30,000.







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Jan 11-12, 2018


  1. I wanted to send this last night, but collapsed in exhaustion on my desk and wife woke me up shouting in my ear to stop working and get some sleep in a bed rather than a laptop keyboard. I’m glad I didn’t finish this key update last night, because what I’ve added this morning is quite significant:
  2. Korean Gmen recently, very recently, called for a global Gman team to regulate bitcoin, to save all the people from making 1000% a year, and help them make -5% to 1% a year.
  3. It appears the global gmen want to do it, but are a bit confused about the execution of the plan. I’ll ask you to salute these supreme people helpers, or…. perhaps not?
  4. Some Korean politicians decided to put a bill before their equivalent of the US congress/senate…Banning all bitcoin exchanges in Korea. Was that the real plan?  Or, was it to enable global banksters who have figured out how to short blockchain, and modestly manipulate price discovery, to cover short positions at a profit today?
  5. As the apparent short covering rolled on, the Korean Gmen issued a second statement claiming, “We’re not putting a ban bitcoin trading bill forwards, but we’re looking at the idea of doing it”…
  6. If YOU have blockchain profits, but are moderately concerned, afraid, or so terrified you are slashing your wrists and screaming “we’re all gonna die, die, die, bitcoin is going to zero, now, now!” incoherent rubber room rants, then:
  7. Make sure you book profits to take your position down to your “sleeping point” and the point that gets you out of that highly interesting and entertaining-to-the-banksters emotional state.
  8. Gmen (government lawmakers) hate blockchain. That’s a basic part/fact of this game/war/new era.  The banksters don’t hate blockchain, but they want to control price discovery, so only they build any sustained wealth of size with it.  Their mental state is the sick but brilliant state of a financial serial killer.
  9. While almost all Gmen hate blockchain, not all of them want to ban it, including US Gmen. That’s a problem for those who do, who risk being left behind in the new era where gold and blockchain play major and synergistic roles.
  10. On that note, please click here now: https://www.gublockchain.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/2018jan12bitcoin1.png Bitcoin’s latest exact major high at about $20,000 (which I called major sell-side round number HSR before it happened) came at the exact hour that the price managers launched their 5 coin futures contract, after their 1 coin launch did nothing to affect price discovery.
  11. Regulation allows major funds and institutions to take positions in bitcoin. Here’s the “fun” part of that fact:  The arrival of giant institutional trades allows the bankster maggots to take the other side of these enormous leveraged blockchain positions.
  12. Before regulation arrived, there was some theft and fraud on some exchanges, but position size was limited. If you were a bank algo trading maggot, you could open an account with an exchange like BTCChina, but you couldn’t place spoof and other massive scam trades.  The bottom free world line:
  13. Your trade size couldn’t disrupt the other account holders.
  14. That’s out the window with the arrival of “regulated” markets. Odds are probably around 99% that when the 5 coin contract was launched at the 20k price , the banksters sold other contracts at other exchanges where “regulated” trades of giant size could occur.  The banksters don’t have enough power to really crash bitcoin, but they now have some price discovery power.
  15. In terms of getting you richer: $12000 - $16000 is the new range trade. If price goes under the $11,500 area low, it likely opens the door for a descent to $8000. If that happens, I buy, and order you to buy.
  16. Likewise, a move above $16,000 opens the door for a challenge of $20,000. That move would create a giant $12,000 to $20,000 range trade, targeting a move, perhaps beginning this summer, to $28,000.
  17. Tom Lee of Fundstrat was formerly head of equities trading for all of JP Morgan. He’s arguably the world’s top bitcoin fundamentalist, and I think he is.  Tom sees bitcoin hitting about $25,000 this year, which fits with my range trade scenario targeting 28k.
  18. I’ve suggested that buying bitcoin in any tighter increments than $1000 is a mistake. Be careful about letting personal greed overwhelm pgen and major HSR zone professionalism, because if that happens, your greed will turn to terror on the downswings, especially with the banksters now, at least to a degree, inside your blockchain house.
  19. One key to understanding the action of the banksters in any market is watching classic chart patterns. So far, most technical patterns in blockchain have worked like an Edwards & Maggee charm.  This is in contrast to the gold market action, where most of the patterns are bank scams, sculpted onto the chart by the bank algo traders, and used to milk their levered marks.  If the patterns start to fail regularly in blockchain, you can be 99.99% sure that the cause of that failure is bankster power at work.
  20. I’ve never had much of a problem dealing with the banksters in the gold market, because I correctly assume most minor technical patterns are bank scams and I focus on two things: A. the giant patterns on weekly charts. The massive buy and sell side HSR on the weekly, monthly, and quarterly charts.  If things change in blockchain, and they haven’t yet, I don’t expect any problems in coping with bank scams.
  21. Ripple is one of my big four holdings. Blockchain newbies are attracted to it because of the price.  It looks like a junior gold stock.  At my “loss of sanity” 2010 junior gold stock highs, some amateur investors were taking out loans against their homes and businesses, and buying this junior gold stock and that one, while envisioning them rising to prices of, literally, thousands of dollars a share.
  22. Ripple is like Hemlo. It’s not Bre-X.  Bitcoin is also like Hemlo.  Ripple has zillions of shares of supply.  Bitcoin has about 20 million.  Because of that supply, ripple can’t stage bitcoin-style price action in terms of total dollars per ripple coin action, even if all the other blockchain currencies were exterminated and only ripple remained.  That doesn’t detract from the business that Ripple is, or the percentage gains you can have.  If Ripple can go to higher prices, be happy with that.  One price chaser back in 2010 sent me Emails that the only stocks he was buying were junior gold stocks trading on the OTC market that were trading… under 1 cent a share!  He owned billions of shares, literally, and he, literally, believed he was going to be become a trillionaire and challenge the Rothschild and House of Saud families for world’s richest family status.
  23. Today? Today’s he’s bankster roadkill.  Bye, bye, Mr. American penny stock price chasing pie.  Heads up: Let’s not see that be YOU, doing the same thing he did with penny gold stocks, with penny blockchain currencies.
  24. One of you, a “new kid on the gublock”, mentioned the difficulty of selling into strength when it looks like price is going much higher. On that note, please click here now: https://www.gublockchain.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/2018jan12rip1.png I’ve highlighted my key buy and sell zones for ripple on this important chart.  My average entry point is 40 cents per “rippler” coin, but my focus is accumulation of more in the $5 to zero zone.
  25. Gridtime! It’s important to understand the percentage action taking place in ripple.  Picture $3 ripple as $3000 gold.  Ripple recently moved down to about $1.60 a coin.  That’s like a decline for gold from $3300 to $1600.  Price then moved from the $1.50 low to about $2.25… that’s a 50% move higher in 12 hours of time!  You need to set percentage points where YOU are a seller, from the point of your buys.  Amateur investors want to know where the price is going to next.  That isn’t a thought.  It’s a carnal desire that is dangerous.  Professionals focus on price zones where they are buyers and price zones where they are sellers.  If ripple moves above $3.30 to $4, $4 is a sell zone and $3 becomes a key buy zone.  I don’t really want to pay much more than $5 for any ripple I ever own, regardless of how high the price goes.  So, I’m essentially a buyer on 10 cent declines, and a seller on 25 cent rallies from my buy points, but only with 20% -50% of what I buy.  The rest is held as a core position.  At the big HSR (horizontal support/resistance) lines, I’m a bigger buyer and bigger seller.  I need more ripple, because the coin/company/entity are becoming more stable, bigger, better, more influential, and all round just more awesome!  Neo in China may be poised to do something similar, but at $100 per bull era coin, it requires a different approach than with $2 ripple.  I’ll talk about that, HIVE-v, and the GBTC trust in detail in the next update that should come tonight, and will send out an “Exhanges Update” today, highlighting some key exchanges where newbies and experienced blockchainers may or may not want to take action, with reasons for that action or non-action.  Let’s hit the Prince Blockchain gridlines now.  I’ll see you there!


Have a super day!