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Nov 1, 2017


  1. Some of you are quite disappointed that bitcoin has traded sideways for the past 30 days.
  2. That’s understandable. Sometimes, getting a visual picture of the sideways month-long action can help to alleviate some of the pain.
  3. Please click here now: As you can see, bitcoin had a brief upside pop, but it’s ended the month pretty much exactly where it started.
  4. As mentioned, I do empathize with your disappointment… or at least I would… if that chart was of king of the block bitcoin, and not gold bullion!
  5. Please click here now: Gold has rallied very nicely, up about two dollars an ounce for the month of October.
  6. Let’s stand now, and give Queen Gold Bullion a golf clap, while King Of The Block Bitcoin has surged $2000 higher, just in October!
  7. Does anyone really understand that bitcoin just gained more dollars per coin, just in the month of October, than gold bullion gained, in all of time?!?!?!??!
  8. Does anyone really understand that bitcoin just gained more dollars per coin, just in the month of October, than gold bullion gained, in all of time?!?!?!??!
  9. Does anyone really understand that bitcoin just gained more dollars per coin, just in the month of October, than gold bullion gained, in all of time?!?!?!??!
  10. I think you get the message!
  11. In 100% seriousness, I do not really compare bitcoin to gold. I make the comparisons and sarcasm/ridicule only to remind gold bugs that bitcoin is part of the precious metals class family, and becoming more so all the time.
  12. As the world’s most diversified precious metals asset class investor, it was a no-brainer that I would be a bitcoin investor.
  13. Please click here now: The chart service has the ghosts on the chart, but you get the picture:
  14. Bitcoin is up $2000 on the month, and hundreds of dollars a coin in just the past few days.
  15. On my junior resource stocks site, I often talk about how a juniors investor with a lot of bullion will almost certainly outperform a juniors investor who holds only junior stocks.
  16. Likewise, you might be an “alt coin” genius, but bitcoin is the gold bullion of the blockchain world. Don’t ignore it.  I don’t care what the price is… the bottom line is that if you own everything except bitcoin you may want to look in the mirror and see somebody standing at the Oct 2010 “loss of sanity” highs.
  17. At the peak of the insanity, I got 666 emails in one day (a true fact, and a very interesting number). 70% of the emails were snapshots of giant gold juniors portfolios, with the investors owning no gold.  They wanted more juniors, and more news on juniors.
  18. Obviously, they all incinerated. Then they shorted the Dow at the 2008 lows.  This was “beyond-insane”.
  19. A number of you are cheering the CME (Chicago Merc Futures Exchange) announcement to launch bitcoin futures.
  20. Gridtime! In the short term, that’s fabulous news. Momo (momentum) players can buy any pullback and likely make short term money.  In the bigger picture, I’m not sure just how fabulous news this really is. The banksters have levels of patience that can only be defined as beyond-extreme.  These are people who can almost literally turn them into statues when their intestinal fortitude is threatened and tested.  Bitcoin is the only market in the world that gmen, banksters, and mobsters do not control.  To control a market, you need to control price discovery.  To control price discovery, you generally need to turn the market into a casino, where the customers (marks) are either leveraged, betting on low odds of winning bets, the roulette wheel is weighted to the number area of the house’s choosing, or all of the above… and more!...  I would be very leery of celebrating the CME bitcoin futures news as big picture positive until at least a year of time has passed, and arguably two.  If the banksters can move price discovery onto the CME from the relatively small blockchain exchanges and peer to peer transactions, they take control of price discovery.  How many futures contract investors really have no margin?  When Jamie Dimon said, “Bitcoin is a scam!”, did he really mean, “Once bitcoin CME futures are launched, bitcoin becomes a scam, an awesome scam, run by the banksters!”  Sadly, that’s likely what he meant.  As you move out onto the blockchain gridlines this fine Wednesday evening, I’ll note that bitcoin is testing the $6700 marker (!).  It’s a true tragedy that the gold gurus (with a few exceptions) refused to accept blockchain as part of the precious metals asset class. Regardless, I’m going to Montreal to meet with one of Canada’s most influential blockchain miners.  Should I keep you posted on that?  Well, if I want to get you richer, then yes, so I should, and so I will!